Wednesday, April 15

Falling Slowly...

I was chilling in my room the other day bored to tears, and decided to check out this movie called ONCE.

Kinda low/no budget movie, the acting is OK, jln cerita agak menarik... but the music, is so AMAZING.. :)

It's about this brokenhearted street singer (Glen Hansard), who meets this single mother (Marketa Irglova), who changes his life by making sweet sweet music together.

The music is so moving, some parts had me tearing up (Sobbing uncontrollably.) . Sedih. huhu.

Then as i was watching AMERICAN IDOL this week, the adorable Kris Allen sang one of the songs from ONCE called Falling Slowly, It was so beautiful and its my one of my fave songs from the movie..

Video has been removed

I think Randy was totally off, he sucks. It was a beautiful rendition. New favorite in town! :D

Owh, how amazing was my Adam? ^_^


Mizzy said...
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Mizzy said...

yup.. never knw this movie gonna moved me as well..
it's an indie movie, usd160,000 budget..
won an oscar for the music..
mmg best...
it's amazing..blew u away..
surprisingly, there's no name for both of the leading characters..
it's just 'guy' and 'girl'...

Ayeshadam said...

Itulah kan? They didn't even have names for the main characters. But the first time they sang kat music shop tuh i got goosebumps. :)

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