Sunday, April 12


Sounds pervy, and wrong somewhat...

But it was a lazy Saturday afternoon, we didn't have anything to do so finally i just did it out of boredom. I don't regret it... but it's something i'll never be able to get back.

Maybe if i don't do it ever again it'll grow back, and It'll be like it was before. Haihh.. camne nih.

Now rasa menyesal. I hope Muuzi will still love me when he finds out about this.. OMG i hope Tok and Uncle mamat don't kill me.

It's not that bad right?? Maybe i'll survive this.

What do guys think?

Did i make a mistake in DYING my hair??

What did you think i was talking about?


Mr. Karate said...

Owh my god, you coloured your hair? I can't believe you did such an amoral thing! Who was the guy that coloured your hair? Did he wear protection? Do you have any idea how many Saloon-Transmitted Diseases (STDs) you can get from casual hair-colouring?

Ayeshadam said...

Owh don't worry, it wasn't with some guy. It was with jaja, whom i trust, and don't worry she wore the protective gloves the whole time. :D We were safe!

preludetoeternity said...

aye..not cool..

Ayeshadam said...

Allllaaaaa why??... you no fun. :P

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