Wednesday, March 11

We rocked and rolled all night.

Last weekend was a long and interesting one.

After class on Friday, i was suppose to send Alia to the LCCT but all the travel plans got screwed up, so ended up going to KLCC to chill with Alang. I ended up hanging out with him the entire day, since he had to play at Aloha with Furniture later, i had promised to give moral support, also i had plans to go BARSONIC with the girls later that night anyway. We killed time at Starbucks and kinokuniya, finally we got bored waiting and ended up watching The Watchmen.

The Watchmen is so TOTALLY AWESOME by the way. Not your typical cookie cutter
Superhero movie.


It was so awesome that the next day i dragged Muuzi and his friends to watch it again.


It's one of those movies which just gets better every time you see it. Definitely recommended.

On Saturday, after watching The Watchmen (again) with Muuzi and co.. i teman the boys shop for their new toy, GUITAR HERO: World Tour.

Haih, boys will be boys i guess.

But i have to admit, it's a really really fun game! Even mashi came to give it a try. We got hooked on it for hours.... actually the game practically consumed the household for the next 2 days . Hence why my Sunday and Monday (public holiday gleee!) memories are very vague and blurry. :P Luckily Syed likes to take candid pictures whenever possible.. so we have proof that we didn't just slack off the entire weekend.

Max, Izhan and Muuzi trying and failing to rock it out.

Max the Guitar Hero.

1 comment:

e²¹ said...

that is not a rocker's posture. no wonder they fail rocking it out. also explains why they don't bring couches to their *real* gigs. (though they might find more than one buck when they actually dig into those couches...)

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