Friday, February 13

I love 80's TV!!

Watching TV (not astro... just TV) once in awhile DOES come in handy!!

8TV is currently playing the 80's popular series, 21Jump Street!!!!

If you are my age, you probably don't remember it. Cuz we were too young to watch it.

UNLESS, like me, you are an obsessive JOHNNY DEPP Stalker. :P


21 Jump Street is a series where the HOTHOTHOT Johnny Depp plays a young undercover police officer at a highschool.

Johnny Depp?? In blue jeans and leather jackets??

Starts 15 November 2008
Every Saturday
11.45pm - 12.45am!!!


Just had to put johnny here one more time ^_^


Anonymous said...

johnny depp is mine!!

shep said...

he is hot no matter what. even if he is one of the jonas bros.hahahaha

Anonymous said...


Ayeshadam said...

Shuji is Gei for Johnny Depp. :P haha

Sya: Johnny Jonas?? Me liking the odds. :P

Shahril: Siyes tak tipu haha.

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