Monday, January 12

This is AWESOME!!!

This is just one of those things that make being a blogger AWESOME!!

I've been invited to 'GENG the MOVIE' press screening/conference tomorrow. Why? Because i'm an awesome blogger, and apparently people read my blog...(So thank you for reading my blog!!) Hehehe~ :P

I can't wait!!

What?? You don't know what GENG the MOVIE is?

Seriously, what cave have you people been hiding in?? Maybe you've heard of Upin&Ipin??!!

No? Whadya mean no! There is no excuse now....

Then, get your LEARN on, and learn about Malaysian animation yo. :P

And be a supporter of all things local....
(that don't involve saiful apek. skian)


Alia said...

betul betul betul betul!

hahahaha.. i'm so jealous. upin and ipin the raya specials was sooooooo cute!! :P

Ayeshadam said...

I love Upin and Ipin! they remind me of ALif! hehehe.

Anonymous said...

tgk sama2 nak?

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