Wednesday, January 14

'Im so proud.'

.....Was all i was thinking when the credits started to roll last night at the PRESS SCREENING of GENG: Pengembaraan Bermula.

Seeing the names of all my friends and fellow colleagues up there. It was so surreal. I bet they were prouder than i was... i just tumpang gembira. :)

The verdict?

GENG is a awesome movie for all malaysians. And no, this is not just because i know the people behind it.


Its reeeeeally funny (without being too 'lawak melayu' ie: No Apek! Yeay!), So adorably cute, and full of action (Seriously, some parts i had me biting me nails)!

My fave characters are of course Upin and Ipin. Who are like any toddler you ever knew. And they are SOOOOOOOO CUTE! They remind me of my little Alif. Who coincidently, as i was getting ready to go out went....

'Kak Ayesha nak gi mana? Nak Ikot!! Nak ikot.... Yaaay!!!'

Comel gila... ahh!!

It was also fun trying to recognize a few familiar voices.. :P

I can't wait for it to come out 12.02.09 to bring everyone i know to see it. Also, i really wanna watch it again! :D


sebiji eejean said...

Dear Ayesha, I am one of the crew in Les' Copaque. Thank you very much for coming to that event. Thanks for the review you wrote for the GENG movie. ^^ I hope you enjoy the movie. Again thanks for the supports :D

fuad mddin said...

Thanks for coming to the event! :D jangan lupa tgk ramai-ramai bila officially launched on the 12th febuari nanti :D

Alia said...

I'm coming back on that dayyy!! YAYYYYY!! So you know you're gonna have to wait for me, right?? :D :D

Kak Ayesha, Alia nak ikot nak ikot! Yaaaaayyy! :P

*ok probably i'll never be as cute as Alif, but you get the gist :P*

Ida said...

Aye dear! Thanx a lot for coming to the preview. Glad u suka the movie. Nanti ajak sume budak2 ex-VRians tgk, sambil2 buat gathering. ngeeee :D

fuad mddin said...

aye! bole la exchange banner~

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