Wednesday, October 1

La Freakin' Di Da!

Just my luck.

My phone was stolen on the first day of syawal and at a cemetery no less.

what kind of person, breaks into cars when the person is paying their respects to their loved ones. They weren't kidding when they sed that all the syaitans are let loose after ramadhan.

I feel terrible. No mood to raya at all. Dah la phone orang kasi. sigh. *I'm so SO so sorry :( *

Neway, too all my peeps IM me your number kayhs?? I dont have my number back yet. I nak pi buat polis report and all that. But it's first of raya and everyone is kinda busy. grr!!

Bloody thieves. Tak berkat langsung hidup.

Neway, all in all they stole my phone (Uwaaa!!), all the money in my wallet (i only had like RM5 in my wallet tho), and my Sunglasses (BARU PLAK TUH!!). Luckily they didnt take the WHOLE bag. Beg baru beli yo (Kat ShowPink Bazaar last weekend)! Nangis tak sudah nanti. Dah la IC pon baru buat nasib tak hilang. *thank god for that*

Sigh. neway. You guys have a great raya ahead. Take care

*It's DANGEROUS out there*

Ayesha Adam

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that.
selamat hari raya :)

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