Monday, October 20

I'll just keep chasing pavements...

Let's just hope *this time* it leads somewhere.

My weekend was a blast!

Okay, so it started out rocky because of the BAD AWFUL HORRIBLE CATASTROPHIC haircut. -__-

But the rest of the weekend went by as planned. *not exactly... but it was fun nonetheless*

Friday night was spent watching movies at home with mama since the cititel peeps had canceled. But, no big deal, i hadn't spent much time with mama lately since we're both busy with work.. so getting her updated on heroes and HIMUM was worth it. :)

Saturday woke up early, did some cleaning, laundry, yadda2... and the about 1pm got ready for Ezani's open house.

IKLAN JAP- I'm so totally hopeless.. midway thru this post. I went down to 7Eleven to buy credit and probably get some drinks/magazines. As soon as i got home i realised... all i had was some Lipton lemon tea and a november issue of CLEO. I had LOST THE TOPUP SLIP. Goddamnit Ayesha, why are u so bloody hopeless. GAH!*

Anyway, back to the open house... As soon as i got there, Ezani tried to take candid pictures of my new hair. AddamBlack laughed and yelled out 'Hey, budak 12 tahun dah sampai!'... Didn't get a chance to catch up with the guys sangat cuz we had to sit in separate table cuz the 'old people' table was full. Anyway the food was nice. I had lotsa satay, but me and the girls had to leave early anyway....

courtesy of E2's mom. =)

*nasib baik Addam pakai baju putih, i almost cropped him out of this picture. Haha!*

After the open house me and the girls came back to my house to change for bukit jalil. Takkan nak gi pakai kebaya right? *Wah rock abis la camtu*. :P

We got to bukit jalil around 5pm. Wah! Ramai gila babi weihh...

To our horror, we realised 'WE, are too old for this crap'. Everyone looked like they were under 21. Sumer budak2 sekolah. Dang!! So for a few mins we were going around 'tanpa arah tuju'.

Suddenly, Mashi got a call from Chomb and Am (kroni2 Bayu) who were also in bukit jalil. Yeay! People we know! and who are older than us! double yay! Met up with them and chilled to watched a few bands perform. Koffinkanser (Wah!), Agrobeats, 7CollarTshirt, and*somethingIcannotremember* Malaya(?).. and was all good :) .. sadly i missed Estrella cuz they had perform earlier..

After a while we went to get some drinks at 7Eleven. As we were leaving i heard a voice i've heard so many times before. Hey! it's C Loco! ^_^ I totally forgot he was with Dragon Red these days. ^_^ Sent him a txt and afterwards, got a phonecall..

Loco: Babe, Where you at?
Me: 7E, getting drinks. How was the show.
Loco: Owh, you didn't see it?
Me: *guiltly* I saw a bit. On my way to 7E ^_^
Loco: Wah, takmau kawan la camni. Anyway good jugak, so you didn't see me fall off the stage.
Me: 0_o?? You fell off the STAGE? You ok tak?
Loco: *laughs* Yeah, It's Ok, i'll leak you the youtube later.

*Gila merbahaya.*

Apparently a lot of other people got hurt too.

Izal, the OBS bassist pon tergolek, and Emmet from Butterfingers hurt himself too, did not notice how, but his head was cut *i think i saw blood!*. Bahaya seh jadi rockstar nih. :P

Speaking of OBS. I suprised myself that i memorized so many of their songs. ^_^ See! I'm so supportive kan? *proudly pats self on the back* Needless to say Muuzi and the boys, did an awesome job.

**Actually, he did more than other people might have noticed. ^_^ Awesome enuff to say that i have a new favourite song. :)

Neway, few other awesome bands were Popshuvit, Meet uncle hussain, The pilgrims, Republic of Brickfields, Love me Butch and Bittersweet. Owh, I tell you! that cameraman has a crush on my Alang! The dude kept focusing on Alang thruout the gig. Not that im complaining ;P. But Hey!, get ur own drummerboy to obsess about. Gawd! Creepy cameraman.

Owh, Butterfingers WAS OFF THE HOOK!!!

They played my fave songs! My life is now complete. :)

We finally left Bukit Jalil a little after 12midnite, Cuz we thought it was over.. but apparently after we left, OAG came on to play one last song. I can't believe we missed that! GAH!

Later, we all had supper in PJ. Then we got home and all 3 of us pengsaned without another word.

SUNDAY MORNING. Mashi woke us up ridiculously early (9am)... to go teman her pegi office to wait for some contractors to come fix up the place. All still aching from last night, we left for Mashi's office in Putra Heights. *Wah! jauh gilaaaaa.... I shall never give her slack about not coming to my house ever again. :P Otw to her office we saw MONKEYS! yes. It's that far*

After lepaking at Mashi's office for awhile, we had some lunch. Then since Mashi had a lot of stuff to do, me and Jaja stole mashi's car and went to see if we could find the monkeys again (misi tidak berjaya), so we then pusing2 sampai lebam Subang Jaya. After 5pm we picked mashi up from work and went to the Curve to have dinner at Secret recipe with Amirul Smearul, Azlee, Izhan and Mr Muuzi.

Spent dinner trading teories with Amirul on Heroes and Azlee filled us in about last nights SpeedZone (gila tak best speedzone kat velvet. harharharh!). Tp still agak menjeleskan. BENNY BENASSI ok!! Damn.

After dinner, the girls sent me home and i spent the rest of the night 'trying to watch' Requim for a Dream.

Verdict: DO NOT WATCH when drowsy. Eventho Jared Letto is in it... it put me straight to sleep.

So there u go. My weekend. In a nutshell. :)

Pictures will be uploaded when i get them from Mashi. Which given history, will probably be in a few months time. Haha. ^_^

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