Tuesday, September 23


I got surat DOCTOR OK.

He sed i cannot puasa due to medical reasons. Ngahahaha!

I want McD... but shy shy to go buy.

SO i eat MAMEE SLLRRPP alone in my room while watching 90210 *the new one, no jason priestly... agak kecewa*!!!

I just got back from Tmn Le Melawati.

HAPPY BESDAY to My Tok Shaffour.
You are the most beautiful 72 year old i've ever met! :D
Love Ya. XoXOoXOXOxo!!


pek said...

gila tak best M****!!! grr grr

Anonymous said...

what a waste la.
tak puasa makan instant mee je?
mamee pulak tu.
rasa plastik.

Anonymous said...

low taste la you!
mcd bkn ader delivery ker?

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