Tuesday, July 15

Like Woah!!

What a weekend!!

Went to celebrate Jajito's birthday last fri. Whoop! It was awesome. *when is loft ever not fun?*

Ran into some kids from mmu. Seriously, skrg loft dah jd perkampungan budak MMU. Darn, kantoi seh. Takbleh ah nak nakal2 dah *wah! statement takley bla* :P

No pics as usual.... Blame mashi.

But u can see them up on her blog. *Yes! she still tak reti pakai yousendit.-__-*


On sat we went to see mashi's new house *her family is moving*, Skrg lebih dekat kepada rumah saya.. wee! Muahaha

then p pekena Mihun Sup Meletop! kat area rumah dia.

I ate 2 bowls.. Woot! Meletop abis!! *then ada hati complain gemuk sumore kan? damn fail. ^_^*

Later than nite went to LAPSAP & ShitDISCO! with the girls and Aidil (mashi's friend) ^_^

Lapsap was awesome!!

Wah! I nak kawin ngn abg blink.... tp malangnya dia dah kawin. Takpe la jd bini no 2 pon saya rela! *auwww!!* kidding, saya kuat jeles, takley share2 hehe.

ShitDisco was the SH!T!! Best gila gila gila.. plus Aidil managed to get us free ShitDisco badges. *cuz he is damn tall, laju je dia angkut badge tuh sumer. hehe*

The only thing that annoyed me was the ShitDisco guy who kept trying to crowdsurf.

I mean: DUDE! people are only gonna catch you THAT many times. Ni dah dekat 10 kali dok lompat into the crowd. Org pon naik letih nak tangkap. *except for mashi, who self proclaim diri as the ass grabber for the night. Yup, She's a Pervert! haha.*

Anyway, in the end, mamat tuh lompat, nobody tangkap... luckily he landed on something soft. That being me!

Tgn i lebam kayh!! Kambing nye DJ. *Nasib baik hang cute! kalau tak aku saman then you know. hmph~*

On Sunday, went to work.

It was Uneventful.

Malam lepaked with encik Muuzi. ^_^ But no details about that here.

Right now, I'm blogging from the CC depan rumah. Sigh

Yup, Pc still dlm Koma (eh cam lagu the times je)

I had just got back from Hartamas square with the Cititel people. ^_^

I had shisha. Yey.

Woah! look at the time, dah kul 4 wooo.... esok cam takde keje je kan?

i guess i gtg.

Takde gossipnye Girl.

Haha.. Couldn't resist. I know im lame. ceh.

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okishimashuji said...

weh..weh...lepak dgn mooky tak ajak

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