Sunday, June 15

ARGH!! I've been tagged!!

The always entertaining, time wasting surveys that we've come to love over the years. :)

Here it goes!

5 things found in my handbag

- Some loose coins, accumulated from the spare change of countless bus rides.
- My new black wallet. ^_^
- my green spec 'raver' that i bought to wear to Tiesto in PD. :P
- My Nokia 3315i (shaddap!) phone.
- A make up bag full of work related junk.

5 things found in my wallet

- More coins.. urgh.
- My cititel ID, IC, J card and ATM cards
- RM 43.. wah agak kaya this week. :P
- Lots of name cards and phone numbers of people who i'll never call.
- old movie ticket stubs.

Thats about it really... I'll tell you what i don't have....
- pics of boyfriends, cuz im not lame. *cough*

5 favourite things in my room

- My Bantal!!!! Since i've started working i've cherished every momment spent with it.
- My clothes... i dont have enuff wordrobe space. So they basically take up all the space in my room.
- My new curtains that match my bedsheet. ^_^
- My Hippy the happy Hippo! Which i got from an X for my birthday.
- My Big mirrors. Vain as that maybe.... ^_^

5 things I've always wanted to do

This could go on forever.
- Dye my hair red.
- Buy a house with a walk-in closet.. like carrie bradshaw. ngeeee!!!
- Drive a car, without the passengers praying for dear life.
- Travel the world with my girls.
- Have a experience that no one else can have.
- learn an instrument.
- buy a pair of kickass boots.
- Learn kungfu. nyiap!

5 things i'm currently into

- Boys with guitars. (swoon......... jason mraz)
- Trying to save as much money i can so i can go back to mmu :(
- Facebook. Gila ah.
- Shoes. Shoe sales. And just shoes in general.
- Youtube singers. Koko kaina, Mia, Tay Zonday!

4 presents i wish for...

- A million dollars! Or money to pay off MMU would suffice i guess. ^_^
- A Sony set of a VAIO, Cybershot and a PSP ^_^
- A new phone wouldn't hurt either...
- A guy who loves me. for me.

The person who tagged you is...

Alia Bobalia Banana Fanna Fofalia.

5 impressions of her

-The best, most supportive sister you could ever wish for.
-Sometimes is the biggest nerd in the world.
-has inherited my fashion sense *thank god*
-Sometimes jiwang nak mampus...
-Kekadang kedekut and Garang gila babi, so dont cross her. ^_^

Most memorable thing she has done for you...

Call me from Australia to comfort me on a bad day. :)

if she becomes your lover, you will...

Be murdered by my mother, my grandmother and ezani. And it'll probably be damn weird.

I'm tagging:

- Mashi and Jaja. Muahahaha~


Alia said...

You DO know that the questions part semua takleh nampak kan? Hahaha.. Ni mesti tak proof read before submit entry nih. Ish ish, takde QC betul! :P

And HAHAHHAA phone 3315i! Hahaha, what's the *i* part eh? Is it due to the fact that it's survived evolution of phones and is the only one left, so it deserves recognition? Hahahaha.. The last 3315 standing - owner name : Ayesha. Hahahahhaha~ *guling guling*

And eyh, last time I used to have pics of you and mama jugak okay - those sticker ones. Tapi dat wallet got lost in HK. Muhuhu :(

Rashid said...

I, too, do not have pictures of my boyfriends in my wallet. For that, I am not lame :)

Ayeshadam said...

kudos to rashid!

Anonymous said...

didnt i love u for who u are?..

Alia said...

Eh you added more stuff about me! Hahahaha. Baru sedar :P

And yay, got recognition for my fashion sense. Ngee :D Happy~

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