Saturday, May 17

Quick Blurb.

What's with all these love songs lately??

All this, 'I can't breathe without you' crap.

I really get irritated by weak ass songs. With this 'I'll die without you.' anthem.

Where are all the 'Get over it' song? I want more of those..

ps: for all those who as emo as i am now, try listening to Neyo - Go on girl.

Woot Neyo..... :D


Pourpres~ said...

ya betol sama skali! what is it with this, "No air, no air" and "Ku akui, aku telah laruuuutt". Benci. Where are all the songs we ditch the dudes and party with singletons.

Anonymous said...

kimak korang la

Alia said...

I happen to like those rock jiwang kapak songs.. Layan dowh~

I will love you, baby allllwaaaaayyyyssss~

Waduh, cair siot~ :D :D

Anonymous said...

tangkap leleh songs ok apa..

aku kau panggil sayang dia kau panggil sayang.. mana satu mahu muuu.. lalala..

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