Tuesday, March 4

Woes and Foes.

Things Im Bitching about troubling me as of this momment.

- My PC rosak... again. Takley masuk windows. Freakin' mencabar KESABARAN!!!
- Not that it matters since the above happened. But I had to cancel my STREAMYX acc cuz my building is apparently under the dictatorship of TIME. Now i gotta go register for a TIME line and get a new broadband account.
- The kid playing DOTA next to me is about to get slapped if he doesn't stop yelling!!
- I think im a little overbudget this month and im eating in to my savings. Erk??
- Tomorrow im going on a G.N.O with the cititel girls and i have nothing to wear.
- I've gained 4 Kgs since i've started working @ the hotel. DAMN U HOTEL FOOD!!!
- My MYSPACE acc is still untouchable. I keep getting the same automated answers on the helpline. But after months... and still nothing.
- Facebook keeps flooding my inbox. Bloodyhel.
- Owh and BIG APPLE's ALIEN VS. PREDATOR donuts have recently become my worst craving............. like how im craving for it right now. :(
- Haven't spoken to alia since she left. Missing her loads.

Things I adore I love as of this momment.
- My Drama free life currently. :)
- My new blue n yellow clutch i got from cat whiskers.
- My job. and my workmates giving me props for the hard work i've put in. WOOT!
- I have a long holiday coming up....... 8 days of doing NOTHING!!! WOOOHOOOOo!!!
- Me and the girls discovered this new shoe shop in bangsar called ELO, and they have the most GORGEOUS SHOES!!!!! and its on SALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ^__^
- G.N.O with the girls!!!!!

Thats about it for now. I gtg back home now.


Alia said...

I miss you loads too... Sigh. It sucks not having internet at home, AND even worse that you pun takde internet. Muhuhu... Once my phone line is connected, I'll give you guys a call and we can chat okay! Rindu tok and uncle mamat too... :(

BLOG PICS OF THE SHOES!! I wanna seeeeee!

Alia said...

Oh, and what the heck is a G.N.O?

Alia said...

Oh, takpelah abaikan... I figured it out that it's Girl's Night Out. Hahaha. I'm spamming your blog :P Proves how much I miss you.. Mwahs! :D

purplechoc said...

rindu kamu loh!

Ayeshadam said...

Rindu kamu berdua juga!

Al: I cant take pics of the shoes cuz i didnt buy them. I SHOULD! But i didnt... yet. Takde duit dooo!

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