Saturday, March 22

I Am pathetic...

I wish i could tell you i've had an awesome vacation this pass few days...

But nope. I'm afraid i'll have to bore you to death with tales of Sleeping all day, Visits to grandma's, and Spring cleaning the house.

I did manage to burn a few ringgit here and there tho... I bought some stuff from ikea, Some shoes from Elo (This shop it's gonna bankrupt me one day).

I DID however managed to watch some good (some not so good) movies... like,


The most awe inspiring movie EVER! I almost CRIED towards the end.

'we are HERE, we are HERE, we are HERE!!!!'

Dr Seuss is Pure Genius!


Yes, it's been a very Steve Carrell influenced weekend. *Not to mention i've been watching reruns of 'The Office' a lot lately.*

Anyway, the movie was OK i guess. Kinda touching... funny like hell. :P


YEAYY!! I finally watched it!!! YEAYY!!! IM SO OUTDATED!!! But i loved every minute of it anyway... :D


*Arthur and the invisibles knock off anyone?*

I mean, THEY EVEN CASTED THE SAME BOY!! And the old guy's name is ARTHUR SPIDERWICK??!! Is this a sequel??


- *I had wiped the memory of this movie outta my head.* THE MIST

The storyline for this MOVIE WAS FUCKED UP.... in a way only a master horror writer like STEPHEN KING can pull it off.

It was really good, kinda preachy, but it was the ending that lead to my sleepless nights.

Seriously, This movie should be the prequel to the PUNISHER. Watch it, you'll understand what i mean.

PS: The Mist is not to be confused with The Fog. No drunken pirate ghosts here.

Coming soon, I'm really looking forward to PRINCE CASPIAN (Narnia)... it was my fave book in the Narnia series. Also looking forward to the next potter movie, but that'll be in november. SIGH. long wait ahead. :(

Neway, tonight is SPEEDZONE night. :P Might be going. We'll see.. :) tata~


Alia said...

I didn't even know you READ the whole series!! Where did you get the set from?

Rambo said...

janet and her cocoapuff video clip?!
Hari potret?

mana entry?!

Ayeshadam said...

I got it from you la. BUt i only read til the 5th one. The narnia books are BORING....

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