Thursday, February 21

Lazy assed Update.

Only one thing to sum up my life in this pass week.

WORK. Makan. Tido. Makan. WORK. Makan. TIDO. makan. WORK. Makan Tido... rinse and repeat.

But somehow i did manage to squeeze sometime in for the boyfriend and got my ass dragged to see RAMBO 4.


Limbs were FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! Having lived all my life in this peaceful country.. You can't even begin to imagine how it would be like to have a civil war here in malaysia. I mean, compared to that movie, our military must be really bored.

I mean, what would we fight about? Tol banyak sgt? Minyak mahal? Some racial induced war?? That would be quite hard... cuz which races are gonna fight?

Nowadays, most malaysians are mixed. So which side should we fight for? Pointless gak.

But even if they did fight... would they call out the army? or the ISA? whats the difference anyway??

The most action the ISA had gotten is in the heydays of 1998 when all the Anwar Ibrahim stuff was going on. Is ISA still employed? or have they all gotten other day jobs?

Speaking of which,

I took a cab the other day, and the cab driver storied me that he is actually a TUDM pilot. But likes to drive a cab on his free time. He told me he just works on the field like 3 days a week cuz VVIPS don't need to fly everyday.

Then he asked if i'd like to join the army... *crazy cabdriver say what??*
Well, it's Not really as a soldier, even tho i would have some sort of pangkat.... but as a TUDM flight attendant.

Think. AIR ASIA. but with CELORENG!!

Gaji 1600+ and you get tons of free stuff.. including all the free government crap. (loans+etc)

Thought about it.

dontthinkso. I'm not army material. Plus i bet they'll make me kawad n stuff. So i'm just gonna stick my lazy unpatriotic ass here on the ground.

Where its safe.

*Ok i know that theres a lot of benda tak masuk akal up here. And it doesn't have anything to do with each other. But its really late. and i gotta work tomorrow. so this is all i got time for.**

More mindless babbling laters.


Nadlique said...

Hello :)

ISA is actually an "undang undang". The full name is Internal Security Act.

If anybody, in the government's opinion, is a threat to the country's sovereignty, then that person will be detained for a period of time.

Ayeshadam said...

Woah. Interesting.

So yg dulunya ada officers wearing the ISA vest.

I thought it was kinda like the malaysian SWAT team.

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