Thursday, January 17

Blogging in Taman McLawati.

I took time out of my insane schedule to write this post.

Ok, I'm lying..... but it took me practically 4 hours to decide what to write about.

Here's the speedthru....

- Uncle naguib and Co are still in Ethopia. Im missing nadiya and natasha already. :(

-MMU is starting up again soon. Craps!! Im in torment!! I need SOMEbody help me figure this shit out!!!

-Brandon is gone, he left to australia today. Will be back in March. -__- *sobs*

-My PC is alive and kicking again, but as a result of moving the internet has not followed us yet.

-The new house is awesome! I love it. Feels really so homey already.

-Ezani brought his Wii over to the house. Me and alia played Raymans till our arms felt like jelly.

crap. Pening kepala la plak. TOBECONTINUED.

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