Saturday, August 18

Creative Multimedia is 10.

Yesterday, I was torn...... I really wanted to go to the RANtAi art event but then i got a forwarded msg from one of the juniors that there was gonna be a show/ exhibition @ FCM to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary. To make the deal even more tempting there was said to be a showcase by the lecturers of FCM....

Feeling a bit of school spirit. And the keinginan to see if the rumours about Che Mat (the notorious photography/ design lecturer) taking the stage was true... I dragged Cuddles to MMU. :) There we were joined by Nana. And Zaxx was apart of the play although he still wont tell me which part he played. (*pssstt....EyeBALL!!*)

We got there really really early. About 7 pm, It was supposed to start at 8. But u know how these things go... It finally started around 9.30 and after lots of speeches and blablabla... the show started.

MAGICALOGIC was indeed an artistic show. :)

Directed by the lecturers. It was really interesting.

My fav part was this part where are giant pencil, paintbrush, eraser and mouse started dancing around. And scribbling stuff.. and suddenly this figure in black with a silver mask probably suppose to be a wizard of sorts, whom oddly reminds me of a death eater.

Anyway... the DeathEater looking wizard comes out, and instructs the pencil, paintbrush, eraser and mouse to make a magical master piece. Doesn't take a genius to guess the wizard is really Che Mat. Plus i saw him try on the robe before the show. :P

I took some pictures using nana's camera... but she's currently missing and i can't get them yet. Maybe later. :) Owh and Orell said he'd pass me the video of the show. Maybe i'll upload that too.


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