Sunday, July 29

Wah Lau Wei.

Been busy busy busy busy...

Ok la... not busy in the normal sense. But lately i feel like i never have time to myself.
I should be free all the time since i haven't started work, and that i only have clases on tuesdays.
I feel like i no longer have free time. All my time is taken up by work, with a neverending todo list, and other people. Owh I've also been spending A LOT OF TIME with cuddles lately.... when i say A LOT.

I really mean A LOT!

Owh since i mentioned him might as well wish a

I miss my girls. I miss Jaja, Mashi and Nana..... I only get to see Nana and Mashi once a week. Well, Mashi once a week... since she's pretty much busy lately. I miss going out on fridays. I miss going shopping with people who actually WANT to go shopping. Not people who begrudgingly approves of clothes just to get the day over with....

I miss my free time.


peanutbutter m&ms said...

urm... ditto :)

mashi strange said...

let's shopping nanti. ( bila berduit.) yey!

take care hun.
miss ya

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