Saturday, July 21

two words : BRANDON frigin ROCKS!!!!

My awesome friend Brandon, being the blessed person that he is.... bought me the 7th installment of Harry Potter, (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!) cuz he thought i would like it...

OMG!!!!! Like it?? I shall be forever in gratitude! :P :P

He got me the grown up cover... which is waaay cooler than the kiddie cover. teehee!


Bet u guys wished u had a friend like brandon too... pbbhttt!!


Alia said...

I told my friends you got the book for free and they were like

"Tak aci ar weih!!"

Hahaha.. :P

I'm glad you got the adult cover. I got the kid one, so we have both now. Yay! ;D

And I got Hedwig. You didn't.. Muahaha!

Anonymous said...

that's 3 words!

ida said...

Yes, the adult cover is waaaay cooler. lucky you!!! i want that book gak! Someone, take me to Borders,now! :D

Alia said...

Oi. Update lar.

Ayeshadam said...

I'm a lazy ass... suka hati la! :P

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