Sunday, July 1


Suprised? not me.... I've seen it twice already. And really wouldn't mind watching it again. :)

Shia LaBeouf @ Sam Witwicky was one of the reasons why this movie rocked. Most of u might recognise Shia from EVEN STEVENS on disney Or from his many minor roles on big movies such as I-ROBOT and CHARLIES ANGELS 2.

We love Shia!! (^__^)

neway.. what did u guys think of the movie??


Alia said...

I still think Arthur and the Invisibles was the greatest movie of 2007.

But Transformers wasn't that bad either. It wasn't pure torture to watch it with Ezani lah.. Hehehe..

And fyi, I'm alive again. Ezani just left a mere 45 minutes ago. Muhuhu. :( I miss him already.

Ayeshadam said...

Arthur and the Whut whuts?? WTH?? that was a B-Grade kids movie.... mmg tak la weih!

u forgeting this is the year of PIRATES and SPIDERMAN and FANTASTIC 4's!! ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLE doesnt even make the top 5!! tsk.
U aussie's and your lack of movie sense. tsk tsk.

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