Friday, May 4

Spiderman, spiderman....

Does whatever a spider can... :D

Yesterday i went to see spideyman with E2, mama and Cuddles. TWAS AWESOME!!

Extremely long, a lil draggy, too many villains and AWESOME!!

comments. *no it's not technically spoiler.... just comments.*
- Did anyone else notice that peter parker is a little chubbier?? How can spiderman be tubby?? MJ also was a little chubby. The only person who stayed hot thru out all 3 spider movies is Harry. :D dreamy dreamy harry.
-Who else here thinks mary jane can't sing?? or, is it kristen dunst can't lipsync??
-gwen stacy is HOT! everyone who's read SPIDERMAN BLUE knows she's HOT.

Thats all.... no more comments from me. Owh, did anyone else get motion sickness from watching all the 360degree fight scenes? -__-

Ps: Comment on another not so big screen super hero flick, HEROES.... Isn't my PETER AWESOME!! i bet ur all jealous now. ngahahahhaa... Ada scar pon HOT. heyyeah!!


e²¹ said...

kinda noticed how lotsa superheroes these days are so emo. agak bosan. is it like that thing alia said about antm being full of drama. movies semua pun nak kecoh gak. spiderman emo sial. asyik nak sulk dalam bilik jer. tmnt pulak ada raphael. star wars had anakin. what the hey!

weh peter petrelli is taken weh. u still chasing after him ke? oh wait, he's taken in 5 years. you're not looking for long-term relationship with him then? :P

Ayeshadam said...

hiro nakamura pon emo per... after ando mati. kan kan? :P

he and nikki wont be together in the future cuz the future will be changed soon. :D :D

kan kan kan?

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