Thursday, May 10

the headless chicken.

Gila Stress!!!!

Bloody cosmoworld has gone to hell. And taken most of my project with it.


And now the labs pc is being attacked by viruses and it keeps FORWARDING mass msgs to people.

StupidStupidStupidStupidStupidStupidStupid StupidStupidStupidStupidStupidStupidStupidStupid.

Gila emo with all the VR lecturers. EMO EMO EMO EMO EMO.

Got barred by finance. And got barred by TJ from painting class. DIE!

Also i still got no internet and to make things worse still havent watched heroes this week.


And i gotta take 4 fucking busses to get back home to OUG. YES I SAID 4 FUCKING BUSSES!

i Hate my life.


Anonymous said...

lalalalallalallalallalalalalallalalallalallallalallalalalalallalalalalalalallaalalalalaalalalallallalallalallalalalalalaaaaalalalalallalallalallalalalalallalalallalallallalallalalalalallalalalalalalallaalalalalaalalalallallalallalallalalalalalaaaaalalalalallalallalallalalalalallalalallalallallalallalalalalallalalalalalalallaalalalalaalalalallallalallalallalalalalalaaaaalalalalallalallalallalalalalallalalallalallallalallalalalalallalalalalalalallaalalalalaalalalallallalallalallalalalalalaaaaa ...the weapon...ermm the owl of mass destruction was here!!!! hahahahaha

khairul said...

owh.haha.bole tahan,but,relek sudee.things will get better

Ayeshadam said...


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