Tuesday, May 29

Birthday CountDown.

Tomorrow marks the day that i was born..... some 22 years ago.

How awesome is that??

I wish it was a more celebrational day. Unfortunately tgh pokai... harharhar.
and my pc has gone to hell.

I tried to format my pc.... and it got posessed.
My C drive is now my F drive.
My D drive is now my C drive.
My E n F drive was missing....... but then found and has merged to a G drive. with nothing in it.

Somehow my new 160Gb harddisk wiped out all my data. *CRIES!!*

All my movies, my heroes, my supernatural..... MY WORK!!!! MY PORTFOLIO.

Nasib baik aku tunggu hantar final dulu baru format. Or else should just start digging my grave now. Either way... still die.

So anyone out there who knows how to recover data?? Pls pls pls msg me. :(

It would be like the best present ever. :(

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