Thursday, April 26

Another 'DUH!' Day.

Trust me to be the only person in cyberjaya who didn't know that today is a public holiday.

Serious bengap. :

Got up early (kinda early la...), showered, and was super-excited to go to VR lab and start some serious work.....

Then got to MMU. Empty.

Where the hell did everyone go?? Went to VR lab. Locked.

other VR Lab. Locked also.

Haff way to FOE building to go to LCC class.... and got a sudden flash back.

last Thursday....

My Lazy ass LCC lecturer: I actually don't have to teach yall today, cuz i got an MC. But since im already here.. But tomorrow there no class, cuz i have a MC. Owh and next thursday also got no class cuz its a public holiday.

todays a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!?!! Yayy... too bad i wasted this joyous day by going to class. :
Damn idiot.

Ran into Fuad and Ida on the way back from mmu who kindly laughed at my sudden rajin-ness to go class.
I know. Im an example to all.... -__-

I dunno y, its always like this. Everytime i haul my ass to class. It's canceled! Either the lecturers are avoiding me, or my luck is really bad.

Maybe MMU should cancel classes more often. Then confirm i come everyday. :D


Alia said...

Awww! I didn't know the last time I was there would be the LAST. Huhuhu..

Goodbye C2-1-11, from the first time melawat with Malina to the last time lepaking with you gals and Ezani and Didi. Many memories in that place, gila nostalgic. Huhuhu..

Oh btw, where you moving to then? Mamas or Toks?

Anonymous said...

duh? muahahahhahahahhahaha ... lol!

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