Friday, March 30

Still sick of being SICK.

yup, still sick. Finally went to the doctor today.

so now i'm finally medicated. Yay!

The cough syrup the doc gave me is some serious tranquilizer shit. There's even a cautionary
'after taking medicine, do not drive or opperate heavy machinary'

As if i can drive la or opperate heavy machinary.. so no worries there.

it should have stated this caution instead..

'after taking, make sure housemates do not play loud music or boyfriend doesn't try to wake you up for it may lead to side effects such as Crankiness and Bitchiness'

Neway can't sleep now, cuz i've been in a koma for almost all day. sigh.

argh.. Bila nak baik ni??..

Anyway, wanna wish Happy belated bday to Suraya(22), Kassim(22) and Pedot(suku abad :P). Too bad i couldn't be in class to celebrate with you guys. Despite the countless calls and msgs for me to drag my ass over there. I would if i could. Have i ever been one to miss a party? :P

so happy birthday to all. :)

Gah. Time for my next dosage of drugs. Probably gonna sleep til saturday this time. sigh.


nanolala said...

hohoho, sorry ta dpt tido yer :p

hmm, get well soon la syg! makan ubat, pastu exercise, pastu mandi. haa

nnt cepat sihat! :p wooho~

Anonymous said...

haiyoo.. pegi walk2 around laa.. get some fresh air!! nanti selesema burung baru tau!

Didi said...

Oooo i try to woke u up la?...
Suruh u mandi kot supaya u baik cepat...

ciss kutuk aku kt belog dia...
dang u sayang!

nanana-ne said...

aiiyo, demam lagi, lamenyee..
betul gak kate dorang, maybe u shud bgn n do some exercise, gi jln2, get some fresh air outside.

well, i'm strongly agree bout the prescription. haha. later i'll tell my rumet, she's pharmacist.

get well soon.

Ayeshadam said...

>:D< hugs u guys.

hugs didi gak. :P

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