Tuesday, March 27

Introducing Ayeshadam[dot]Com

Yeay!! It's Up! It's Finally UP!!

and running. :D :D

Still got some minor kinks. Bak kata Orell 'Iframe berterabur'... :P
But otherwise i think it looks pretty Okay. The gallery still needs a lot of work. Loading lembab tahap cipan and simpleviewer kekadang membuat perangai haram taknak load.

But i got my own website!! Haha! Suckit!!!

Tell me what u think about it, and what problems u see. Just don't complain about simpleviewer. Ia mmg menyakitkan hati. Just using it till i find something better. :)

I have to get started on my VR prototype soon. Owh God help me. :(


Anonymous said...

youtube video tu mmg xbole play ke? or it just me? :/

Ayeshadam said...

bleh je....

owh the first video mmg takde sound. i kene reupload that. didn't know youtube doesn't do well with .mov files :P

aremierulez said...

nice web...
boleh improve lg...
harap2 slalu2 la update web tu

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