Sunday, March 18

300: Most AWESOME Movie for 2007

or Possibly most AWESOME movie EVER!?

yesterday me, mama and cuddles went to see the highly aclaimed 300.

I was in love. The movie was shot in a breathtakingly beautiful manner. Everything was so detailed. You could see every drop of sweat, every pore, every ehem....muscle. Not to mention the Many many many (300 to be specific) eye mancandy to bask on thruout the movie. Hwahahaha!

No wonder ehsan went to see it twice. :D

I like their uniforms.... Don't you?

Real MEN wear LEATHER Speedos!! grawl!

Spartans are so awesome! :D :D

Unfortunately, now all men want to be spartans... -__-

This has also effected my didie, who recently has been seen shouting 'THIS IS SPARTA' and doing the spartan War Cry that goes something like 'Uu Uu' randomly and in public. -__-

And somehow he is starting to have illusions like he too... has a 6 pack and an ass solid like rocks.
I try and explain at best he has a ONE pack... 2 pack at least when he sits. :P
*sayang don't kill me plis*

To all men.. YOU ARE MELAYU. NOT SPARTANS. Get over it.

At least now you know how us girls feel when watching baywatch la... huahuahuaha..

*yeahhhh... i oso want to be hot like angelina jolie. U don't see that happening anytime soon yah?*


Redzuan said...

1. angelina jolie tak berlakon baywatch.
2. baywatch tak best mane pon. :-j
3. i never wanted to be a spartan.
4. aku tetap best dan kool. timaseh.

Ayeshadam said...

1.tak ckp pon angelina jolie blakon baywatch. ceh. Dia hanya seorang wanita yg sgt hot. :D

2.Baywatch best wooo.. jalan cerita dia menarik ^__^ haha.

3.Ko takley jadi spartan pon. agak keding. :P

4.Ko mmg cool. tak nafi pong. bluek.

Redzuan said...

*angelina jolie ekceli takde la hot mane pon. she's more to slutty and pandai posing. tp die kurus sangat ok.
*baywatch jalan cite menarik? hmm. that wud make bold n beautiful pon menarik to u? hahah.
*kalau aku tough skali pon aku tanak. bwek.
*yeah, that's more like it!!

Ayeshadam said...

hoik! jgn kutuk bold and the beautiful... cite faveret. :|

Anonymous said...

bold and beutiful layan seyyyy~

Ayeshadam said...


Alia said...

Bila masa ko layan Bold and Beautiful? Penipu seyh.

Ayeshadam said...

Obviously i dont watch it when ur around cuz u bitch and bising and i'll have to change channels. :P

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