Thursday, February 15

Music And Lyrics

Best Date movie in awhile.

Just got back from the Valentines/ Goodbye-lil-sister dinner in OU. Didn't go quite as planned since couples have virtually taken up all the good restaurants and practically every other corner of OU. Ended up having Burger King with the family (+extendeds)

My other half, with her other half.


After dinner went to watch Music and Lyrics staring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Twas worth the RM9 just to see the Intro.. seriously tak rugi. :))

Owh, i almost forgot. Halfway thru the movie, the cinema had a projector malfunction and the screen went blank. For about 10 minutes we sat awkwardly in the darkness. Me, Didi and 50 other strangers around us (Alia, mama, and E2 sat somewhere else cuz we couldnt get seats together). It was funny, yet uncomfortable... put a dozen couples in a dark room on valentines day. Seriously they were groping each other on both sides of us. Eekks. huhu.

Neway, I finally got my phone back from OUG!! It's been sitting there for the last 3 days after i accidently left it. Now it's back.. Weeeeee~~

Happy Valentines day baby.


Alia said...

I LOVED the intro!!

Was laughing like a maniac. Nobody else was though. Damn couples. They never pay attention to what's going on..

Ayeshadam said...

haha. tu la. I nak cari the intro on Youtube. hahaha :P

Alia said...

Wah, tetiba ada gambar. Hebat.

Ayeshadam said...

biasa lah.. saya mmg hebat. huahuahua!

Didi said...

Happy valentines to u too sayang!

Ayeshadam said...

love you :)

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