Friday, February 16


Been too busy to blog lately. Not really busy just lazy. :P

I might have to move out of A2-1-11 at the end of this month. Due to forseen difficulties with the landlord who's a total ass. Plus Lizzie's moving out and that would mean the four of us would have cough up an extra RM90 each to cover the rent OR we could find someone new to fill in for the room.

*We all know how easy that is. Peh.

So if anyone knows of a place thats empty, not a house but just a room will do. Msg me.

Nway last nite me, nana and jaja decided to have a last minute ladies nite @ ZOUK. seriously BEST GILA!! It's been ages since i went out with the girls and since i haven't had much workload for the past few days it was fun to finally enjoy myself. TQ sayang for being so understanding, Sayang u. ^__^

Met up with my dear Iqmar, for the first time in AGES!! Neway thx to all my friends Nana, Jaja, Iqmar, Renny and blablabla* (too many to list) for making it a wonderful and interesting night! ^__^

The Doinks.

Me, Iqmar and Nana.

Nana and Joe.

Look who i FOUND! My Darlinna.

What to oder ah?

Oppss. I got class at 4 better go mandi. Then gtg back to melawati and cuddle with my sister b4 she leaves.

only 3 DAYS TO GO till Alia goes to Oz!!!


Up up and away!!~~

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