Tuesday, January 16

Well, Forgive ME.

Forgive me, if i'm not as smart as you.

Forgive me, if i didn't get a full paid scholarship to go study another country.

Forgive me, if i don't think you are as great as you think you are.


If your wondering whats up with the above, this should clear things up.

me: I think you should call uncle mac and tok to inform them that your gonna fly in feb after all.
the sister: nanti lah aku call.
me: you should, cuz they want to go to send you off to australia.
the sister: la, malas lah. I'd rather go alone.
me: Banyaklah, you dah lah tade tempat nak stay. At least tok and uncle mamat will be there kalau ape2 hal.
the sister: No, university will pick me up and *blablablablabla*

*insert lots of bickering.*

me: Your being so stupid.
the sister: Hey, at least i'm going. Your the stupid one.. your just staying here.
me: .... It was never in my plans to go study overseas pon. Nak penah teringin pon.


i said nothing after that. But here's what i should have said.

Me: I'm sorry, are you suggesting that people who don't study overseas are 'stupid'??? Better still are you CALLING ME, your sister - STUPID???

I got a real DARLING for a sister, don't i??

Everyone who knows me, Knows. That i don't ever plan on going overseas to study. The simple idea of it ever interests me. I was happy when 'you' got the offer to go off to aussie. It was always your plan to leave this 'boring' country. But it was NEVER my plan.



Glad i got that off my chest.

What do you guys think??
Are people you study overseas - Smarter, than us - local Uni folk??


Anonymous said...

I studied oversea before, BUT... I never finish it! ahahaha :p due to heavy partying and some other yada yada.

OK, serius. For what I know and experience ppl who study overseas mostly because they dont have a place here(local)! and most of them have loads of money. But there are some smart ones.

Anyway its very subjective.

e²¹ said...

oh come on. i was there. she DID NOT call you stupid.

and she called tok. u know what happened? tok marahed her anyway. alia explained to her that everything wasnt her fault, tok marahed her about your mom. why do you side with the melawati people? didnt you hate the people there?

and do you know how negative the melawati people are? heh. of course you do. but your sister's already under a lot of pressure. calling those people will put her under more pressure. and you're not helping.

dia stay sana pun banyak masalah duit tau. macam kau jugak, kena bayar rumah sewa and all that. tapi dia kat negara lain nanti, mana boleh mintak duit dari family.

ok, so you say that's why u want her to go with some of the melawati people. they'll just find some way of making her life worse. Come on lah. kau stay melawati pun brape lama jer maximum? a few days aje kan? becos u cant stand being with them kan? imagine that same situation, but in another country.

eh kenapa aku masuk campur ni.

Ayeshadam said...

1st: she did say that.

2nd: I never said i hated the melawati people. And it's not like i can't stand to be there. Don't put words in my mouth.

3rd: Tok only marahed her because she never kept them informed in the first place.

4th: If u nak sgt her pergi sorang2. Fine. But who is she going to ask for money, when she has to do her visa?? to buy the stuff, she wants to bring to aus? For the hotel (which she says kene bayar using her own money), that supposedly she has to stay at while waiting for accomodation??

You, Mama?? No, it's going to be Tok and Uncle Mamat jugak. But if she's got it all planned out. If she wants to do it all 'Herself'. With the money she gets from coffee bean. THEN, I take my words back.

Anonymous said...


Yeah true it is very subjective.(Commenting on the overseas survey part only)

e²¹: the person is just giving is opinions for what ayesha ask for opinions? and its not your blog anyway. :p

Ehsan said...

Of course not. I mean, I'm in Malaysia and I'm smarter than most people I know. :|

And Ezani. Next time, when sisters fight, hush. It's between them.

me, =) said...


Melawati people?

What do you mean? Those people are their families. The ones that they seek whenever they have problems. Family. Old folks are very sensitive/strict b'coz of their culture and past up bringing. They might be the pain in the ass, but they STILL love both of them, Aye and Alia. Main point here, their family loves them, Ezani.


You can't survive alone in this world Alia. You might be thinking, that you're under a lot of pressure but cuba fikir baik2, are you really under pressure? Did you suffer from any depression symptoms? I dont think so.

There is this guy whom I know through the internet, who happened to continue doing his master in the US. He paid his fees, all of his fees, then he went to US. When he reached there, he found out he was cheated.He had no place to stay, he registered for different campus but b'coz the email that he replied came a bit later, he had to transfer himself to another campus which gonna takes few days of travelling by bus. This man, did his degree in Ireland. Now he's stuck for few years in the US, with no money, no medical id, no visa. He can't even go back to m'sia. He's now working with a laundry shop.

You could log on to http://www.joeperantau.blogspot.com

if you dont believe me.

See Alia, things wont be so smooth like what you planned. It might slipped anywhere. That is why you need family and friends.


dayana said...

bout the overseas ppl smarter than the locals. saye bangkang. sekian.

bout the sista fight, ey, let them be la. Its to tighter the bond kan. sekian.

Bruce Lee said...

To ezani

Stay out of this sister probs and yea kalau tanak kena tumbuk kt hidung then jgn kerek sangat ngan Aye!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ayeshadam said...

I think everybody should stop picking on ezani. He's just sticking up for alia.

So please no more talk of this.

Redzuan said...

where u study never shows that u are smarter. its just the matter of u scored for ur spm's or a levels or whateverfucking exams.

to ayesha :
it's not a great thing to do blogging such things as ur sister might baca. it is ur blog. but remember the incident where ur uncle baca ur blog n kantoi bla bla bla.

to ezani :
stay out of the family business. ure not a family member pon :) but then, good for u for sticking up for ur gf. *claps*

as a conlucion (mcm sri kan?) kalau pegi belaja tinggi2 tp kantoi nanti tak guna gak. oleh itu, sayangi lah kawan2 dan keluarga kerana kalau dah kantoi, merekalah tempat kita berteduh. yeah!

Ayeshadam said...

chapan: mmg meant for her to baca pon.

tak ckp pon tak sayang kat dia. Just want her to come back to the ground. Jangan forget people yg besarkan kita.

Anonymous said...

Re: Redzuan said...
"where u study never shows that u are smarter. its just the matter of u scored for ur spm's or a levels or whateverfucking exams."

Eh, I tot in Alia's blog dia depressed sebab cannot go to UK when all her friends did. What happened there - salah siapa dia kantoi ek?

"to ayesha :
it's not a great thing to do blogging such things as ur sister might baca. it is ur blog. but remember the incident where ur uncle baca ur blog n kantoi bla bla bla."

Apsal lak, Aye only nak express herself. Salak ke akak kita bagi advice...that was a brave thing Aye did. Kudo's infact. Tapi I scared also kalu your family baca. Neways...

"to ezani :
stay out of the family business. ure not a family member pon :) "

Yes, ezani...stay away...you siapa again? :) You nak kawin dengan Al ke...if yes, what a way to start a relationship...kalau tak caya...tanya mami daddy you....asal takut ker? Like as if I haven't told them what you've been doing lately anyway...

"but then, good for u for sticking up for ur gf. *claps*"

Kalau stick up for good things ok, claps warranted...but here, sticking up for what's not right...aiya, cari penampar jer. :)

"as a conlucion (mcm sri kan?) kalau pegi belaja tinggi2 tp kantoi nanti tak guna gak. oleh itu, sayangi lah kawan2 dan keluarga kerana kalau dah kantoi, merekalah tempat kita berteduh. yeah!"

Cannot agree more...we have all been ungrateful to our family...sedarlah...sebagai seorang muslim ezani, you should be saying that to your girl!

Aye, asal delete the comment somebody buat kat atas...ala, nak baca.

hellmy said...

aku tanak comment apa apa...just harap korang berdua akan berbaik semula dan cuba cari jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik.okay?..

Alia said...

Aye, read back your own dialogue and SEE who called the other stupid first. STUPID.

And I sure as hell know what I'm doing. And my point WASN'T to degrade people studying in Malaysia as stupid, I was just calling YOU stupid because you were provoking me. You dahlah tanak try and understand what I'm going thru. You don't know HALF my probles, and you simply think what you want to. And then sesuka hati wanna think what YOU think is right.

I have my reasons why I didn't call tok earlier. If you had given me TIME to explain, this fight wouldn't even happen. I'm not stupid thinking I can survive in this world alone, orang gila je macam tu. I know family comes first, but as I said before, I HAVE MY REASONS WHY I'M TAKING MY TIME!

And yes people, I'm DEPRESSED. All you people don't know a FUCK about what I'm going thru. Piss off. You all think you guys know us so well, boleh blah. Heck, you don't even have the guts to put ur real name on ur comments. Kenapa? Takut kena pukul? Takut kena flame? Chicken shit.

And smart move Ayesha, very smart move to publish all this on the blog. Very mature, you are.

Ayeshadam said...

Alia: I was not to reply ur comment here. But, You'll probably be back anyway to read what i said. So to avoid dissapointing you.

You nak ckp i don't know half your problems. How to know when you don't tell me shit.

I always want to try n help you but if u think im stupid. Then just ignore my advice on the blog.. and we'll talk later.

Ehsan said...

Everybody gets depressed at some point of their life, more so at your age, the part where the future seems way gray for our liking. It's what we do when we go through those stages that defines how we really are. To quote, 'When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus." Or that, "Virtue was not convenient at the time." This will not suffice.'

Thing is alia, it's up to us to try and repress the feeling when it comes to family, not what, but rather than hurt the ones that were there for us when we were young (even as how much some of them to really suck at it, hehe).

I don't blame you to get piss mad at Aye, and I understand why Aye is mad at you too, hell, both of you are sisters, these things happen.

Ayeshadam said...

Good advice ehsan. ^__^

Rashid said...

It's good for siblings to fight occasionally. Conflicts are bad, but resolving them makes the bond between two people stronger.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah - sis sama sis pun boleh swearing ker? Kes teruk dah nih! Banyak comments sini, tapi cuma satu jer advice - ambik syair aku buat masa orientasi dulu - remember or not you all - Sayang jer Siti Hasmah tak hadir (but then I was upstaged by some dam silly skit to the tune of Pretty Woman):

dalam suasana sunyi sepi di malam hari
nantilah saat hening
ingatlah kucupan tawa riang keluarga yang sudah tiada,
hanya kenangan dibuai tangisan
hanya tangisan dibuai sesalan
hanya sesalan dibuai dosa
ah - kini sunyi kembali lagi
akan tidak aku di dakap yang di sayang
yang ada, cuma sahabat taulan yang tidak peduli erti kata hati
yang tidak tahu erti bahawasanya
aku tidak mahu semua itu
mungkinkah terlambat
perlunya aku ke pangkuan mereka
sudah tentu terlambat
jauh sudah aku di hanyut
arus dunia
tanpa tinggalnya
kata dan kerja
bahawa aku menyayangi mereka
Maka tidurlah aku sekarang hingga ke akhir hayat
bertemankan sesalan belaka
Sesalan belaka

Fulamak, I still got the coretan masa buat kat hall dulu. That time, aku tak sangka BM aku yang nyaris kantoi SPM tu boleh jadi sebegitu rupa. NAsib baik MMU private :)

Anyway, I just thought you two sis need that. Yeah, nothing beats having a family no matter how dysfunctional they are. One of these days , I'd be brave enough to tell my mum and dad and bros and sis I love them. Heck, I'll them now!

Anonymous said...


I had a long look at your blog - in fact you had written some extremely nasty things about your family, or whoever they are. Kindly like sticking the long blunt dagger into their backs. Unimaginable come to think of it. No wonder you're depressed.

I'm anonymous because there's an anonymous button down there and I kinda like to click on it. But you and ezani know me well enough.

Per Miranda Priestley in the awesome Devil Wears Prada "That's all". Loft time tonite yeah! :D

P/s Fellow anonymous - what's up with the syair...stick to World of Warcraft will ya!

Anonymous said...

ala.. alia. your problems tidak seburuk dunia ini akan berakhir! ingatlah banyak lagi manusia di dunia ini yang tersiksa dengan masalah sejak menjejakkan kaki di dunia ini! your problems is peanuts. ok?

what to depress for? kau hanya ada 1 nyawa, dan terpulang pada tuhan untuk mengambilnya. jadi hiduplah dgn sepenuh yang mungkin!

kalau kau rasa family kau salah, maafkan lah diaorg, memberi kemaafan lebih baik dari menerima kemaafan. lepaskan mereka itu akan membuatkan kau rasa lebih puas dan membantu kau punyer "depress", berdendam bukan jalan penyelesaian, lagi terbuku di hati makin tersiksa jiwa dan perasaan dan family ini darah daging kita. mengaku kesalahan sendiri paling susah manusia nak buat. just let it go.

ambillah semua kommentar di sini dengan hati yang terbuka. diaorg hanya ingin membantu dan menjadi kawan dikala kamu kesusahan.

aku anonimus pasal taruk nama pon kau tidak akan kenal aku. dan aku pon tidak kenal kau. so lebih baik begini.


Ayeshadam said...

anonymous guy #1: Nice syair, don't remember therer being a syair during orientation tho... twas sooo long ago yeah?

ps: Hoi! i tot the skit about pretty woman was fantastic. :P

anonymous guy #2: who are you?

anonymous guy #3: thx for the advice. i think she'll appreciate it.

Redzuan said...

to anon yg reply to my comments tu... :)

to aye: it's ok to blog about ur life or whatever things u want cos it's UR blog. tp ingat2, kadang2 we tend to write things that we never meant to say. ppl are brave when writing kadang2 sampai terlepas. somemore when it is regarding family members. like alia said herself la. i dun care to be frank, tp seelok2nya kau ckp dgn die to resolve the problem. not to blog about it would look more mature kan. but then, who am i to comment. just some of my 2cents la. kalau ade problem, go and ckp to the particular person. especially is he/she is ur siblings. tp mcm rashid ckp, bile gaduh, when u guys make up balik, ur bond would be tighter. ahh ape2 la aku ckp ni. aku nak siapkan sri. burn burn burn.

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