Monday, January 8

Angels and Devils

My Kinky Nadrah's 21st birthday party was celebrated with the theme of Angels and Devils at Hoaxed Cafe in Kota Damansara.

Twas a great party eventho i wasn't really in a party mood. Anyway me and the girls were in charge of the dancefloor, Each bringing their own genre of songs.

Me- The Oldies & 80s 90s rock and roll,
Mashi- Indie/Techno,
Jaja- RnB @ lagu goyang bontot (haha!).

Ended up that it didn't matter what songs were on, cuz nobody was brave enuff to dance. -__-
Except for Nadrah's aunts and uncles. Who were more 'sporting' than any of those young ones.One uncle actually tried to 'pretend' and breakdance, but stopped in fear of breaking something else.. ^_^

a BIG Kudo's to Nadrah's Aunt and Uncles.
May we be that cool when we are old(er).

Pics Parade. *will be edited later when Photobuckets stop being Retarded!*

Owh and happy birthday to my Iqmar. Muahx!


The 4 Devils and the little Angel

Me and Nana.


v|nder said...

sedeynya tak dpt pergi :(

Zaxx ShoxxWave said...

oih! nape i xder eh :D ngehehehe

Ayeshadam said...

tu lah... kalau u gi u leyh jadi devil. :P skali ngn kitorang. no need tanduk also. hehe.

Ayeshadam said...

zax: u gi ker? :P

octavious said...

Its 22nd not 21s bday...

Ayeshadam said...

21st :) apparently u don't know nadrah that well :P

octavious said...

How dare u talk like this to Octavious?!

Im ruler of ROME!

Ayeshadam said...

Ruler of Rome?? OMG, im so sorry mr Octavious sir..

but, aren't u suppose to be dead? harharhar~

Ramli said...

Buger anyone?

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